This I Believe: Revisiting The Belief

01 May
This I Believe: Revisiting The Belief

Through the year I’ve had more downs than ups. My motto left behind. Forgotten in a sea of sorrows and-
I’m just messing with you. Could you imagine going from such a positive outlook in my previous post to something like that? A lot of my previous post was build up to my belief in believing in myself to get work done. Looking back now, it feels more lame than cheesy, because I’ve forgotten to include the most important part.|
Hard Work.
Hard work is a staple in not only my family’s culture but in my country’s culture. Continuing the writing process is hard work. The publishers have stuck their neck out and now it’s my time to deliver. While I enjoy writing, it’s incredibly difficult for me to simply sit in one place if I’m just not feeling it. Which I’m normally not.
But with these two beliefs working and I’m an unstoppable force.
My belief is that I will make it.
Through my amazing likability, people willing to help me, and my drive to deliver.
I will make it.
This I believe

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