My Way Of Life

29 Sep

On My Corner

Things have really calmed down recently, getting back to normal I hope. I heard from one of the middle school students that someone’s knocked into the sign at the entrance last month. I heard plans to spray paint the fallen stones. The high students brag about knowing who it was and the party that caused it. I hope it’ll be fixed soon. The rest of the neighborhoods signs are worried that they’re next.
There haven’t been any fire trucks recently, but lots of ambulances. I get sad when they go by, the people on my street are nice. They keep bowls of water and food at the base of my pole for strays, and don’t write on me. The parties they throw aren’t anything to sneeze at either- cars line the streets almost every weekend… I’ve misspoken though, some of the people are nice. The rest of them only slow down enough to turn. I worry for the good ones that do stop. A lot of ambulances show up at my corner because some stop and others don’t. I’ve seen a lot of accidents happen on my corner, but I’ve seen a lot avoided because I’m here.

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Posted by on September 29, 2014 in English101, Where I'm From


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